Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thunder Bay Ghosts: All The Fish Died

“1977, I believe the year the block buster movie arrived, the infamous Amityville Horror show. Till this day, I question myself about the strange events that occurred on one street, one older home, that I volunteered to watch over. Getting to my point…I was to watch over their home.

First night…..Dog refused to enter the home, so much so, my friend watched the dog while they were away.

2nd incident. the cat Rosie, never meowed, was freaking out in the basement,,,never saw the cat again.

3rd… I slept over night in the three-story war-time home…mistake….the little girls room, her over the crib toy was in action.

I went to work, keys went missing, all the fish died. I was at work one day, my friend called me there, she lived 2 doors down. She asked me what I was doing to the house. She actually witnessed the windows blow out, and patio screen. The original paint from the old storm windows was thrown about. I was freaked.. I did stay there, one eye open. Gas stove was turned on, I would turn it off, few minutes later…it was on.

I was going to vacuum, model of the device was a Electoluck. The vacuum nozzle, which was stainless steel, was bent so smooth upward. Not a kink in it. The power nozzle was upright, almost a 300 degrees turn.. Needless to say, they came home, and I had to explain all the damage.

They moved, and till this day, no activity has been documented.

PS. my neighbour still lives in the area. We discuss it, but really try to forget it. Too much to fathom. And that’s it. There was more stuff that happened, however I do not have a publisher yet. Thank you for your time and understanding.”

Friday, 1 July 2016

Ghost story: Long Scratch Marks Across My Back

“Hi, my name is Juno I’m currently living in Texas, but this happened in Lethbridge Alberta when I was about the age of 10 or so.

Anyways. I’m going to tell you about myself. Otherwise you won’t get the story.

Ok I’m the freaky girl in class. Often the one to be the one in detention everyday. I have weird abilities… I can see ghosts. And so many other weird things.. I can’t tell you how freaky people think I am. Ok here’s the story love,

When I was in like, grade 4/5 I think it was mid fall.. It was cloudy. I’m talking thunderstorm cloudy. So I was sitting down drawing, and out of the corner of my eye I could see a bloody boy with a bloody knife. I could only help but think about that boy. I felt some strong connection, drawing me towards him. I threw down my binder and ran to where I saw him. I felt pretty damn foolish to put myself where evil was . But hey, what’s life without a risk?

I sprinted to where he was. “What’s your name?” I asked him. Now this was really stupid to do. I didn’t realize what danger I just put myself in. I can only remember falling over from something.. And I remember one of my friends running over to me and carrying me to the, oh umm office.

I woke up in the hospital with a broken leg and deep, long scratch marks across my back. I had a couple cuts on my arms. Nothing serious on my arms.. But I ached when I stood up, my back. I felt like my back will be the death of me. The next day I got my crutches and went to school. As you would imagine I was really mad. I mean really, I have to go to school right after?! I often see the ghost, I call him “Daryll” anyways I did some research and I took a long time to find this out but, “Daryll” was my age when he died. He died from a stabbing in that very school yard and was buried somewhere. Either way, R.I.P Daryll.

Thanks for reading this love. I hope you enjoyed.”

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ghost story:Ouija Board Opens Gateway

“We have a family home on the outside of Ottawa in a little town named Osgoode. A long time ago when I was 12 we had this stupid idea to use a ouija board. They sell it at Toys R Us, but seriously it’s not a game. Plus the fact that we did contact with a ghost named Nancy that had a car accident, and we did test how it feels to move the glass. And when its pretty much moving itself this happened! Weird thing is that it started to happen after that day, and I don’t think it was a ghost.

Ever since then I was sleeping on the couch facing the back of the couch. One night I woke up very cold and felt someone behind me playing with my hair. I was frozen, I could not move for a good minute. Terrified, I finally broke free and ran to my mother’s room.

A few months later we started seeing a person in the corner of our eye standing at the hall way where the kitchen meets the living room. Everyone saw this at one point, but once you turn your head nothing was there.

The next year, I had my mattress on the ground in my mother’s room. I was just sleeping like always then all of a sudden my bed started convulsing like crazy then stopped, then started again then stopped then started one more time. If you press your thumb down on your arm and slowly slide it down to the palm of your hand, I felt that exact feeling going down my legs down to my feet. I jumped right in my mother’s bed … trying to sleep I could hear noises downstairs. Not to mention the little things that would disappear and reappear.

A month later I’m lying in my bed, then suddenly it felt warm and safe. My bed went down like someone sat down but no one was there. And it felt like someone was stroking my hair gently. I actually wasn’t scared. It reminded me of my grandpa that has passed.

Things started to calm down for a while. I moved out to many places. I’m 24 now with a baby and thought it had calmed down.

I live in a duplex in Brockville and a few days after being there I was getting up and ready to leave at 5 am. Everyone was sleeping. I was making a sandwich and as clear as day someone whispered my name directly in my ear which FREAKED ME OUT. So I just left.

Later that day on my drive home I was on the phone with my sister, windows up and radio off she randomly asked “who’s with you?” I said no one she then said ” I have been hearing someone trying to talk to you this entire conversation”.

Not to talk about weird noises in the kitchen.

Then it gets weirder, we were all in bed sleeping and my 15 month-old was in her crib in her room. Around 12 am my boyfriend wakes up freaking out “where’s Tessa??” I said “she’s sleeping, go back to bed”. Then I SWEAR at 1:30 I woke up to footsteps. Slowly opening my eyes I see the dog on the bed and my boyfriend beside me. I fully open them and I see a full shadow (like someone standing in the dark) of a kid exactly Tessa’s size look at me then run out of the room …. I run to Tessa’s room and she was fast asleep.

The next day I saged the entire house and haven’t had any incidents yet, and hopefully never will again …”

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Ghost story: Ann Coming To Say Goodbye

“I was in art class one cold winter day. Ever since I woke up that day things didn’t feel right. See, for my mom’s whole life she was an alcoholic. She got really sick with liver failure and got jaundice. All that good stuff. I had visited her a week before, traumatizing let me tell you. She looked at me like she didn’t know me.
Anyways, that morning in art class I started to cry. Hysterically cry. My boyfriend at the time asked if i was okay. Told me to go home. My teacher drove me home and when I got home, the first thing my sister says is “guess what”.. I promptly replied “mom died.” She nodded. So at this point I knew there was a reason I randomly started to cry at school. She passed away around 10, the time I started to cry.
There’s a little more to this story. My mom had a lot of friends, one friend in particular my sister and I were quite fond of, Ann. She graced us with her presence at our mother’s funeral. She insisted we visit again, come see her puppies, use the hot tub and her tanning bed, just like old times. We promised we would visit, but it was pointless. Ann passed away from cancer before we could visit. Now we know why she was so persistant on the matter. The day she died my boyfriend at the time took a picture of me on the bed, his sister sitting on our little couch. With enthusiasm he says “look at that! I captured an orb!!” His sister and I were excited to see. The orb was directly above my head. A little blue outline around a pure white orb. Ann coming to say goodbye.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ghost story: EVP Brings Shadow Man

“My children and I had just watched a movie about EVP’s. My youngest son turned on a recorder to see if it would work. He was saying funny things like, “Are you there ghost? Say something. I know you can,” and repeated it several times. He turned it on to listen to it and a sinister voice was laughing and said, “who is that, your mommy?” We all stared at the couch where he was sitting because it was so loud as tho he was sitting in my son’s lap. We got scared and threw the recorder away.

Later that night, a dark shadow man with a cloak entered my oldest son’s room, acting as tho he was looking for something or some one. My son pretended he was asleep, watching him. The dark shadow man started to walk out of the room, and my son started to ask, “who are you?” The shadow man turned his head and his eyes turned red and he zoomed out into the hallway.

My son got up to see where he was going and it went into my room when I was just about to get into bed. The shadow man mimicked my daughter’s voice, saying, “mom”, to get my attention. I thought it was strange because she was in another state, Missouri, visiting her dad. So I turned to face what I then had seen the scariest tall, black shadow man, wearing a hooded cloak, zooming up to me very fast, not taking steps, and pushed me down, pinning me with his hand on my shoulder. He then turned his eyes red like two flashlights. I tried desperately to look away so my eyes weren’t meeting his. He was so strong, I couldn’t move and started to go into shock. I heard my oldest son yelling, “Mom!” I yelled, ” Turn the light on! Turn the light on!” My son turned on the light, and the Shadow man ran through the wall and down the hallway. My son said, “Leave all the lights on, they don’t want to be seen!” We had recently switched rooms and my son said, “Mom, I watched him looking around in the room as tho he couldn’t find what he was looking for, I think he was looking for you”.

My four kids and I moved out of the house very fast, and had not had a problem since. For two years after, I could feel the chilling pain on my shoulder where the shadow man pinned me down with his hand.”